【A17】RimWorld《邊緣世界》- AllowTool (一鍵允許)


不想每次大範圍圈選時都把不必要的東西也圈進來? 想更有效快捷地選取屍體? 試試一鍵允許吧!

此模組必須先安裝 HugsLib 作前置



  • 標記允許:允許殖民者與區域選中的物件互動
  • 標記禁止:禁止殖民者與區域選中的物件互動
  • 全圖允許:允許殖民者與全地圖的物件互動,腐敗與風乾的屍體需要按住 shift 鍵點擊按鈕
  • 選擇相似:先點選目標物件,之後當大範圍圈選時,鼠標只會選中目標物件,無視其他在圈選範圍內的物件
  • 緊急搬運:要求殖民者優先搬運指定物件


適用版本:Alpha 17
主體下載:Steam 工作坊 | 【A17】Ludeon Forums

3.1.1: New feature tweaks
– Context menu actions now properly respect fogged tiles
– Context action on “Select similar” on selected items should now work properly
– Added second “Haul urgently” context action for hauling all items on map
– Updated HugsLibChecker to correctly report missing library version

3.1.0: Tools on selected items, tool tweaks
– “Haul urgently” and “Select similar” tools will now appear for selected items
– Haul+ work type can now be hidden with a new setting
– “Mine connected” action will now consider selected ores as designated
– “Haul urgently” context action changed to mark only items visible on screen
– Added German translation
– Updated Russian translation

3.0.0: A17 update, new features
– New cover and description
– Added “Haul urgently” tool and work type
– Added “Select similar” tool
– Added right-click menus to most vanilla tools
– Assigned new hotkeys to all tools
– Tools “Allow”, “Forbid” and “Allow all” now ignore fogged tiles
– Fixed missing settings for hiding individual tools
– Added settings for disabling individual right-click menu functions
– Removed “Mass select” tool
– Visual overhaul on tool icons

2.5.4: Minor fix
– Fixed global hotkeys no longer working after loading a game twice

2.5.3: Minor fix
– Designators are now injected at world load time to sidestep conflicts with other mods

2.5.2: Minor addition
– “Allow all” will now include only haulable items by default
– Hold Ctrl to include other things, such as buildings

2.5.1: Minor fix
– Fixed an error when returning to the main menu from the map
– Cleaned up some old update news

2.5.0: Updated to A16
– HugsLib library is now required an must be installed as a separate mod
– Mass Select tool will now select in fogged cells in Dev mode

2.4.5: Minor fix
– Updated HugsLib (settings order fix)

2.4.4: New translation
– Added Traditional Chinese translation

2.4.3: Translation fix
– Updated Chinese translation

2.4.2: Mod update news fix
– Updated HugsLib to 1.0.4

2.4.1: Translation fix
– French translation updated

2.4.0: New Mass Select feature
– Added “Select all of type” feature to Mass Select tool
– Added French translation

2.3.2: Compatibility fix
– Updated HugsLib to 1.0.3 (CaveworldFlora compat fix)

2.3.1: Translation fix
– Updated Chinese translation

2.3.0: Settings, Mass Select enhancement
– The mod is now dependent on HugsLib, which comes included
– Added in-game settings
– Mass select can now select things based on the current selection
– Mass select no longer works on fogged tiles
– New translations: Korean, Chinese, Russian

– Added Spanish translation

2.1.0 – 22.09.2016
– Unforbid everything will now skip rotten and desiccated corpses unless Shift is held.

2.0.1 – 14.09.2016
– Changed the “Mass select” default key to Y to avoid conflict with the “Build copy” button.

2.0.0 – 14.09.2016
– Most of the mod was rewritten for a cleaner codebase and better performance
– Added Forbid selection tool
– Added Unforbid everything tool
– Added Mass selection tool
– Added hotkeys for quick tool selection
– Tools have received custom textures



【A17】AllowTool(v3.1.1):MediaFire | 百度云 ( 密码: 69qs )
【A15】AllowTool:MediaFire | 百度云 ( 密码: 287s )

此模組必須先安裝 HugsLib 作前置

Steam 工作坊

  1. 訂閱 AllowTool
  2. 把漢化補丁解壓縮並放到 ..\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\761421485
  3. 執行遊戲,在主選單上點擊”Mods”
  4. 把 AllowTool 給剔選



  1. 下載模組
  2. 解壓縮
  3. 把資料夾放到 ..\RimWorld\Mods 資料夾下
  4. 把漢化補丁解壓縮並放到 ..\RimWorld\Mods\AllowTool
  5. 執行遊戲,在主選單上點擊 “Mods”
  6. 把 AllowTool 給剔選